Gold Rate: Gold became expensive today, know the rate of 10 grams of gold in 12 cities of the country.

Gold Rate Today in India: Today on Wednesday, gold costs expanded in certain urban areas of the nation and gold rates stayed level in numerous urban areas.

 An increment of Rs 300 to Rs 350 for each 10 grams is being found in the cost of 22 carat and 24 carat gold. The pace of 22 carat gold is exchanging above Rs 53,600 and the pace of 24 carat gold is exchanging above Rs 58,500.

Silver rate stayed level even today. It is exchanging at Rs 72,600. Gold cost in Delhi on 12 October 2023: The cost of 22 carat gold in Delhi was Rs 53,700 for every 10 grams.

For 24 carat, clients should pay Rs 58,580 for every 10 grams. Gold rate in Ahmedabad: Discussing different urban communities of the country, the retail cost of 22 carat gold in Ahmedabad, Gujarat is Rs 53,700 and the cost of 24 carat gold is Rs 58,580 for every 10 grams.

Gold rate in Chennai: 22 carat gold in Chennai was Rs 53,800 for every 10 grams. The retail cost of 24 carat gold in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is Rs 58,690 for every 10 grams.

This was the gold rate in significant urban communities of the country on October 12, 2023 City 22 carat gold rate 24 carat gold rate Mumbai 53,650 58,530 Gurugram 53,800 58,680 Kolkata 53,650 58,530 Lucknow 53,800 58,680 Bangalore 53,650 58,530

Jaipur 53,800 58,680 Patna 53,700 58,580 Bhubaneswar 53,650 58,530 Hyderabad 53,650 58,530 How are gold costs chose? The cost of gold is to a great extent settled based on request and supply of gold on the lookout.

In the event that the interest for gold builds, the rate will likewise increment. Assuming the stockpile of gold builds, the cost will diminish. The cost of gold is additionally impacted by worldwide financial circumstances.

For instance, on the off chance that the global economy is performing inadequately, financial backers will focus on gold as a protected venture choice.

This will build the cost of gold. TCS can report share buyback today, know the solution to every one of your inquiries regarding it here.